Desk multi-socket with C Type port 60W

Electraline presents the first and only complete multiple socket with UNVIERSAL powering-charging capabilities. In addition to the 3 earthed AC sockets, the product is included of the most powerful 60W USB charger with Power-Delivery (PD) function.
The Type-C USB outlet with the special PD function can quickly charge computer laptops and other power-hungry devices. It is no longer necessary to carry everywhere your laptop charger, with the new Electraline Art.62556 you will be able to plug in your laptop directly into the USB-C outlet of the multiple socket.

Desk multiple socket with powerful 60W USB charger (Type A & C), Electraline 62556

Desk multi-socket with C Type port 60W

Desk multisocket aluminium, equipped with:

  • 3 sockets schuko
  • 1 USB (max 3.0 Q.C)
  • 1 C TYPE port P.D. 60W
  • 2m, H05VV-F, 3G1,5 mm²
  • On/Off switch
  • 2 desk supports

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Desk multisockets

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